We exist to see all people Anchored in God’s Truth & become who they were made to be.
Our mission is to accomplish this via:
There is nothing greater in life than having a relationship with the God who made you. Our highest hope and desire is to see people enter into relationship with God through Jesus Christ who took the penalty of all our sin upon Himself on the Cross, therefore making a way for us to Know Him and giving us His Living Word and Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth and abundant life!
We are all a people that were made for community, and this is why God created the Church. We are not meant to do life alone, but rather with a community around us that seeks the best for us in this life, and the life to come. We gather together to meet the needs of one another and that the world might know that we are His disciples by the love we have for one another. It’s our hope that all would come to be part of God’s redeemed people – the Church.
When we live lives of Upreach and Inreach, the overflow will be Outreach.  It’s our desire that we would tangibly be the hands and feet of God in this hurting, dark and decaying world. We seek to bring the Hope of the Good news of Jesus to restore peoples relationship to God, and to meet the physical needs of those in need with the resources that God gives us.
(picture of cross taken on our hilltop campus in Belmont – beautiful view of the Bay!)